Angels with Broken Wings (1941)


Widowed mother Charlotte Lord would like to marry wealthy Guy Barton, but Bartons’ avaricious ex-wife Sybil insists upon contesting their recent Mexican divorce. Charlotte’s daughters Jane, Leni and Marilyn conspire to put Sybil out of the way by pairing her off with Steve Nelson, gilding the lily by convincing Nelson to pose as Argentine cattle baron Don Pablo Viscente. The ruse almost works, but then the real Don Pablo shows up. Undaunted, the Lord girls concoct a variety of additional schemes to smooth the path of romance for their mother and the eligible Mr. Barton.

Director: Bernard Vorhaus.
Stars: Binnie Barnes, Gilbert Roland, Mary Lee, Billy Gilbert, Jane Frazee, Edward Norris, Katharine Alexander, Leo Gorcey, Lois Ranson, Leni Lynn, Marilyn Hare, Sidney Blackmer, Tom Kennedy.


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