Cronica de un Niño Solo (1965) AKA Chronicle of a Boy Alone / Chronicle of a Lonely Child


Chronicle of a Lonely Child, is an indictment of a fascist regime running roughshod over its most vulnerable citizens, its children. Focusing on the bleak life of eleven-year-old bad boy Polin, who’s been abandoned by his family and sent to live in a state-run orphanage, it’s also a moving portrait of the human spirit imprisoned by the chains of well-intentioned fools. Inside the harsh confines of the supposedly beneficial institution, Polin and his fellow inmates must deal with constant physical and psychological abuse by the staff, as well as the natural emotional tensions brought on by their own burgeoning adolescence. But through it all, they manage to keep their hopes alive with optimistic talk of freedom and bold plans of escape.

Director: Leonardo Favio.
Stars: Diego Puente, Tino Pascali, Cacho Espíndola, Victoriano Moreira, Beto Gianola, Leonardo Favio, María Vaner.


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  1. Tony C
    April 26, 2020

    Many thanks for this Argentinian film, Jon.

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