Zan Boko (1988)


Gaston Kaboré’s movie «Zan Boko explores the conflict between tradition and modernity with a family in a rural contexr. It has been for long time a central theme in many African films. Kaboré tells the poignant story of a village family swept up in the current tide of urbanization. In doing so, «Zan Boko» expertly reveals the transformation of an agrarian, subsistence society into an industrialized commodity economy.

Director: Gaston Kaboré.
Stars: Mathias Bayili, Colette Kaboré, Joseph Nikiema, Gady Pafadnam, Simone Tapsoba, Hippolyte Wangrawa.


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One Comment

  1. Bernard Ntahondi
    March 22, 2022

    What a wonderful movies, It still reflects on what is still happening in most African countries today.

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