Le demenagement (1993)


In 1993, Chantal Akerman directed Sami Frey (actor who made the Jeanne Dielman’s making off in 74) in this episode of the tv mini-series “Monologues” (others episodes were made by Claire Denis, Romain Goupil, Jacques Renard and Claire Simon). He plays a man who just moved to a new building, and thinks about his situation. Why he leaved the older flat. He remembers about a summer a few years ago, the windows wide open. The air streams, the girls laughing next door…

Director: Chantal Akerman.
Stars: Sami Frey


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  1. Annie
    March 30, 2020

    Merci Jon! Un court-métrage de Chantal Akerman où l’on peut voir Sami Frey à l’oeuvre. J’espère que Jon pourra mettre la main sur d’autres films de Chantal Akerman ou de films qu’on arrive plus à trouver où Sami Frey nous montre son talent tels que L’écume des jours, La voix, Rak, Le jeu du solitaire, etc.
    Thanks again Jon for the great work!

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