Il diavolo (1963) AKA The Devil / To Bed or Not to Bed


The daydreams of a provincial Italian husband just before his solo trip to Sweden provide the basis of this comedy. Naturally, things don’t go exactly as planned, but that is when all the fun begins.

Director: Gian Luigi Polidoro. AKA The Devil / To Bed or Not to Bed
Stars: Alberto Sordi, Bernhard Tarschys, Anne-Charlotte Sjöberg, Inger Sjostrand, Ulf Palme, Ulla Smidje, Barbo Wastenson, Gunilla Elm-Tornkvist, Lauritz Falk.

1963 Berlin International Film Festival – Winner of the Golden Bear.
1964 Golden Globes – Winner Best Actor – Comedy or Musical (Alberto Sordi).
1964 Golden Globes – Nominated for Best Foreign Film.


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