Bomber’s Moon (1943)


Captain Jeff Dakin is shot down over Germany on a bombing raid as he sees his brother, Danny serving on the same aircraft, shot dead as he parachutes out of the stricken aircraft. Imprisoned in a camp, Dakin conspires with Alexandra “Alec” Zorich, a beautiful Russian doctor, and Captain Paul Husnik, a Czech resistance leader, to mount an escape. They escape during an air raid and make their way towards safety, but the Czech is not who he seems.

Director: Edward Ludwig (as Charles Fuhr), Harold D. Schuster (as Charles Fuhr) & John Brahm (uncredited).
Stars: George Montgomery, Annabella, Kent Taylor, Walter Kingsford, Martin Kosleck, Dennis Hoey, Robert Barrat, George N. Neise, Leon Tyler, Richard Graham, Victor Kilian, Jack Lambert, Robert Lewis, Mike Mazurki, Wolfgang Zilzer, Fred Nurney, Christian Rub, Otto Reichow, Wallis Clark, Frank Reicher, Gretl Dupont.


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