Il disordine (1962) AKA Disorder


Salvatori pays a visit to his old ma who is bedridden in a gloomy old people’s home. He promises her that pretty soon he’ll be rich and they’ll live together in their house. The young man is hired as a catering assistant in a desirable mansion, but the owner of the place is dying. The wife and the daughter are trying to regain the old man’s love and affection while the son is busy gathering his friends for a feast.

Director: Franco Brusati. AKA Disorder
Stars: Sami Frey, Louis Jourdan, Curd Jürgens, Antonella Lualdi, Tomas Milian, Renato Salvatori, Jean Sorel, Susan Strasberg, Alida Valli, Georges Wilson, Marisa Belli, Emma Baron, Adriana Asti, Lia Angeleri.


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  1. dl alvarez
    March 8, 2020

    This film is crowded with the blessings of neorealism influences: beautiful locations, captured with great cinematography, as well as an attractive and talented cast. Perhaps though, it is too crowded? While each vignette is a joy to watch, they lack accord. It’s like a dish with all the right ingredients, but the portions are off. I enjoyed it enough that it makes me want to see Franco Brusati’s later works. This film was only his second, and has that feel of a vision in the shadow of other director-heroes. He won awards and nominations for later works, and you can certainly see brilliance in “the disorder” struggling to find its own voice.

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