Billion Dollar Threat (1979)


Secret agent Robert Sands is sent to investigate a series of UFO sightings in the Utah desert. During the course of his investigation, Sands discovers that what are thought to be UFOs are in fact reflector shields being airlifted as part of a device built by criminal mastermind Horatio Black. Sands uncovers Black’s scheme to burn a hole in the ozone layer, which will crisp all beneath it as it circles the Earth, unless the governments of the world pay him a billion dollars.

Director: Barry Shear.
Stars: Dale Robinette, Ralph Bellamy, Keenan Wynn, Patrick MacNee, Robert Tessier, Beth Specht, Karen Specht, Karen Specht, Stephen Keep Mills, William Bryant, Marianne Marks, Read Morgan, Harold Sakata, Walt Davis, Jason Corbett.


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