Sziget a szárazföldön (1969) AKA The Lady from Constantinople


An old lady, living on memories among the cluttered objects of her past, decides to exchange her apartment for a smaller one.  She is thus temporarily brought into contact with other people until, resettled, she once again retreats into isolation.

Director: Judit Elek. AKA The Lady from Constantinople
Writers: Judit Elek (idea), Iván Mándy (scenario).
Stars: Manyi Kiss, Itala Békés, Rita Békés, István Dégi, László Ferencz, Hédi Temessy, Lucy Hamvay, Magda Horváth, Ila Lóth, Margittai Ági, István Novák, Ferenc Némethy, Erzsi Pásztor, József Ross, Éva Schubert.


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  1. Jarvis
    January 1, 2020

    What a great gift for the New Year! An amazingly poignant and sensitive gem from the golden age of Hungarian cinema! Thank you, Jon and all the best for 2020! Keep up the extraordinary work!

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