Amerigo Tot (1969)



Zoltán Huszárik paints a lyrical portrait of the Hungarian-born sculptor Amerigo Tot, who achieved world fame in Italy. The associative short film focuses on the inspirations of creation, the relationship between man and his creative work, which are fed by the experiences of everyday life and the materiality of objects. The series of milestone works in his career are counterpointed by the episode when the artist returned to Hungary. Here, too, Huszárik worked together with János Tóth, who as cinematographer and editor contributed to the unique ambience of this portrait film, the audio-collage accompanying the images is the work of Péter Eötvös.

Director: Zoltán Huszárik.
Stars: Amerigo Tot.


Note: Upgraded on July 8th, 2022 with HD copy. No dialogue. Many thanks to Mario for the English translation of the plaque in Italian that appears at 02:15 and 12:15. 

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  1. julian richard firth
    April 19, 2023

    A warm and understated visual essay of the artist as a portal between his work and the inner world from which it stems, delicately observing the materiality of his life and working world, the hands that meld the shapes and the fire and metal that he fashions into forms of contemplation and devotion. Interesting the sight of young pioneers in their red bandanas lining the way as the holy mother and son are placed in the church by the priest and the artist.

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