The Big Broadcast of 1936 (1935)


Spud Miller hopes to save his struggling radio station by winning a broadcast competition, with the help of the Radio Eye, an invention that can display live events from anywhere in the world.

Director: Norman Taurog.
Stars: Jack Oakie, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Lyda Roberti, Wendy Barrie, Henry Wadsworth, C. Henry Gordon, Benny Baker, Bing Crosby, Ethel Merman, Mary Boland, Charles Ruggles, David Holt, Virginia Weidler, Guy Standing, Gail Patrick, Bill Robinson, Ray Noble, Ina Ray Hutton, Fayard Nicholas, Harold Nicholas, Akim Tamiroff, Samuel S. Hinds, Charles J. Correll, Louis Da Pron, The Dandridge Sisters, Ray Noble and His Orchestra, The Nicholas Brothers, Richard Tauber, Eleanore Whitney, Wiener Sängerknaben.

1936 Academy Awards – Nominated for an Oscar for Best Dance Direction (LeRoy Prinz).


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  1. Steve Burstein
    December 24, 2019

    The inclusion of the “Blood Donor” story(a well known short story then)seems kind of bizarre.

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