Papa’s Angels (2000) 🎄❄️ 🌟 Christmas on rarefilmm 🎄❄️ 🌟


The lingering illness and death of his beloved wife has left young Appalachian farmer Grins Jenkins a melancholy shell of his ebullient former self. As Christmas approaches, Jenkins can find no discernable reason for going on with his own life. But Grins’ four spunky and resourceful children not about to let their father wither and die of a broken heart. Based on a novel by Collin Wilcox Patton and Gary Carden, and filmed on location in Alberta,

Director: Dwight H. Little.
Stars: Scott Bakula, Lachlan Murdoch, Cynthia Nixon, Eva Marie Saint, Jenny-Lynn Hutcheson, Kimberley Warnat, Kirsten Bishop, Brandon James Olson, Shane Meier, Pamela Johnson, Marty Antonini, Tim Koetting, Terry King, Sean Easton, Valerie Ann Pearson.


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    June 29, 2021

    one of 5 great christmas movies that will be passes down for many future generations long after we are all gone the next generation will have this movie to take them back in our generation

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