It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (1984) 🎄❄️ 🌟 Christmas on rarefilmm 🎄❄️ 🌟


Mickey Rooney plays Mike Halligan, a retired cop from Manhattan living in California with his family who decides to show his grandson, who has never seen snow before, what a real white Christmas in New York is like. But he dies from a sudden heart attack in which Halligan makes a deal with the Archangel of Heaven to return to Earth for a week until Christmas and show his grandson the seasonal glories of New York City.

Director: Peter H. Hunt.
Stars: Mickey Rooney, Scott Grimes, Barrie Youngfellow, George Gaynes, Gary Bayer, William Griffis, Christina Pickles, Hamilton Camp, Elisha Cook Jr., Nicholas Hormann, Wynn Irwin, Hector Elias, Barbette Tweed, Lew Horn, Annie Potts.


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