Beltenebros (1991) AKA Prince of Shadows


Captain Darman is a communist party hitman now living peacefully in exile in England where he runs a bookshop in Brighton. That is until a visitor gives him a coded message summoning him back to Spain where he’s instructed to execute a traitor. As he prepares for the hit he starts to doubt the guilt of his target as it bears similarities to a previous hit which he now thinks was innocent.

Director: Pilar Miró. AKA Prince of Shadows
Stars: Terence Stamp, Patsy Kensit, José Luis Gómez, Geraldine James, Simón Andreu, Aleksander Bardini, John McEnery, Jorge de Juan, Pedro Díez del Corral, Carlos Hipólito, Francisco Casares, Quieta Claver, Felipe García Vélez, William Job, Magdalena Wójcik.

1992 Berlin International Film Festival – Winner of the Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Achievement (Javier Aguirresarobe).
1992 Berlin International Film Festival – Nominated for the Golden Bear.


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