The Time of Your Life (1976)


William Saroyan’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play revolves around the denizens of a San Francisco bar in 1939. Lonely, lovelorn, weary or cynical, the characters drift in and out of the bar and each other’s lives, giving voice to Saroyan’s philosophies as they randomly comment about the impending world war, the beauty of art, and traditional notions of good and evil. At least one of the relationships stands a chance of enduring: a brawny innocent named Tom is falling in love with a vulnerable young prostitute named Kitty. Saroyan himself is heard reciting the play’s prologue.

Director: Kirk Browning.
Stars: Nicolas Surovy, Patti LuPone, Benjamin Hendrickson, Richard Ooms, Sam Tsoutsouvas, Michael Tolaydo, Norman Snow, Robert Bacigalupi, Brooks Baldwin, Gerald Gutierrez, Glynis Bell, James Harper, Mary Lou Rosato, Roy K. Stevens, Kevin Kline, David Schramm.


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