The Mad Songs of Fernanda Hussein (2001)


This downbeat three-part drama tells a trio of stories that focus on different aspects of America’s reaction to the war in the Persian Gulf. Fernanda Hussein is a Hispanic woman whose husband abandoned her and their children and returned to Egypt, where he was born. In the second chapter, Carlos is a soldier who returns home as a hero after serving in the Middle East. But after spending months cleaning up the bloody damage American air strikes inflicted upon the people of Kuwait, Carlos has a hard time feeling heroic about the aftermath of the war. And finally, tensions mount among the members of a wealthy New Mexico family, as teenage Raphael speaks out against the war, to the great consternation of his parents and siblings. 

Director: John Gianvito.
Writer: John Gianvito.
Stars: Bonnie Chavez, Sherri Goen, Thia Gonzalez, Carlos Moreno Jr., Robert Perrea, Elizabeth Pilar, Dustin Scott, Carlos Stevens.


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  1. Hitton
    November 17, 2019

    One of the notable masterpieces of the early ’00s, I first saw this when it was on Jonathan Rosenbaum’s top films of the 2000’s. An incredibly thought-provoking work.

  2. December 2, 2019

    Thank you so much Jon for finding this!! Been looking for this for a long time, cannot thank you enough

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