Punainen viiva (1959) AKA The Red Line


In 1906, a poor farmer in the backwoods of Finland — then part of Russia — struggles to make a living for his wife and four children. He hears about a new law that will allow equal voting rights to all citizens, rich and poor, men and women. He attends a Socialist meeting and starts believing that everything will turn better after the upcoming election. Instead, things only get worse for him and his wife after the election day. They start blaming themselves, believing that their tragedies are God’s way of punishing them for voting the Socialists.

Director: Matti Kassila. AKA The Red Line
Stars: Holger Salin, Liisa Nevalainen, Petri Tanner, Jukka Eklund, Marianne Eronen, Terhi Virtanen, Tiina Jokela, Jussi Jurkka, Rakel Laakso, Tarmo Manni, Pentti Irjala, Tyyne Haarla, Toivo Mäkelä, Matti Oravisto, Leo Jokela.


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  1. Jarvis
    November 11, 2019

    A truly remarkable and very rare film! Thank you, Jon!

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