Downtime (1997)


Former police psychologist Rob helps to save young Chrissy when she is about to commit suicide by jumping of 21st-story balcony with her 4-year-old son Jake. When he persuades her to go on a date, they are trapped with Jake and old Pat in an elevator because a drunken gang crashed into the elevator’s engine room.

Director: Bharat Nalluri.
Stars: Paul McGann, Susan Lynch, Tom Georgeson, David Roper, Denise Bryson, David Horsefield, Adam Johnston, Paul Johnson, Stephen Graham, Craig Conway, Birdy Sweeney.


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  1. March 14, 2020

    Remember watching this…Even back then I was thinking ‘Why – WHY is she half naked for most of the film…Its raining like a Biblical flood…everyone else is wearing rain gear…but the female lead is going out in her slip. Yet another ‘gritty’ insult to working class people.. …a hard-working cast of decent actors…but a script that limps, then crawls, then falls over itself trying to be two different stories at once. It’s only ‘good’ because of historic / period / curiosity and the cast.

    • September 16, 2022

      Perceptive comment.Glad others can can see the subtle propaganda!…but maybe that’s why these movies are made? Subliminal psyops galore.

    • Shel
      April 5, 2024

      Gee even back then you were thinking that, isn’t that amazing. Sarcasm aside, so what if they want some sex appeal in the character? Maybe they weren’t making the movie for whiny prudes. who have some kind of pathology with women showing skin.. But thanks for bringing up that non-issue.

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