A Step Toward Tomorrow (1996) [Upgrade]


After her son Georgie is paralyzed in a diving accident, feisty divorcee Anna Lerner vows never to take a moment’s rest until she finds a cure for her boy’s affliction. Ultimately, Anna moves herself, Georgie and her “normal” son to a new town, there to commiserate with pioneering neurosurgeon David Decker, who agrees to an experimental spinal-cord operation that may or may not enable Georgie to walk again. Throughout the experience, Anna must not only spar with the skeptical medical community and an insensitive insurance company, but also with the resentment seething within her other son Ben, who feels neglected and forgotten.

Director: Deborah Reinisch.
Stars: Judith Light, Tom Irwin, Christopher Reeve, Alfre Woodard, Kendall Cunningham, Tim Redwine, Brad Dourif, Nick Searcy, Lee Norris, Joey Stinson, Amanda Minikus, Van Hughes, Michael Ayers, Christopher Fennell, Rasool J’Han.


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  1. Willy
    November 11, 2019

    Thank you for both the movie and the upgrade.

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