Hong Kong 97 (1994)


Hong Kong 97 takes place, appropriately enough, in Hong Kong right before the transfer of power from Britain to China. Reginald Cameron, an assassin affiliated with a large corporation with interests in the colony, guns down key members of the Chinese envoy which will take charge of Hong Kong the next day. Suddenly, he becomes a target for every two-bit mercenary in the city. With the help of his company mentor, a clueless friend , and his ex-girlfriend, Cameron must unravel the motives behind his sudden target status and escape Hong Kong alive.

Director: Albert Pyun.
Writer: Randall Fontana.
Stars: Robert Patrick, Brion James, Tim Thomerson, Wen Ming-Na, Ming-yang Li, Andrew Divoff, Selena Mangh, Steve Day, Joey Leung, Nonong Talbo, Joseph Pe, Chad Stahelski, Judy McAndrew, Terri Conn, Tyrone Victa.


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  1. Brittany
    May 11, 2021

    Thank you so much for uploading Hong Kong 97! I really appreciate it! I’d been looking for it on and off for a few years and was finally able to find it thanks to you.

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