Hol volt, hol nem volt (1987) AKA A Hungarian Fairy Tale


Shot in B&W, Gyula Gazdag’s film follows the surreal and often comic quests of young Andris, an orphan searching for a father who doesn’t exist, and Orban, a government clerk who’s had enough of oppressive bureaucracy.

Director: Gyula Gazdag.
Writers: Gyula Gazdag, Miklós Györffy.
Stars: Dávid Vermes, Pál Hetényi, Frantisek Husák, Mária Varga, Eszter Csákányi, Péter Trokán, Szilvia Tóth, Judit Pogány, Géza Balkay, Gábor Reviczky, Joli Jászai.


Note: Not the best VHS transfer for this movie I’m afraid, the image is quite jerky and the subtitles sometimes fade with the background so it’s hard to read them, if I find a better quality copy in the future I’ll upgrade it.

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