The League of Frightened Men (1937)


League of Frightened Men was the second and last entry in Columbia’s short-lived mystery series based on the “Nero Wolfe” novels by Rex Stout. Taking over from Edward Arnold as crabby, corpulent consulting detective Nero Wolfe is Walter Connolly, who despite his physical resemblance to the Stout original is not all that well suited for the role. Sitting in his greenhouse surrounded by his beloved orchids, Wolfe agrees to investigate a series of murders seemingly tied in with a long-ago Harvard hazing prank that went tragically awry.

Director: Alfred E. Green.
Stars: Walter Connolly, Lionel Stander, Eduardo Ciannelli, Irene Hervey, Victor Kilian, Nana Bryant, Joseph Allen, Walter Kingsford, Leonard Mudie, Kenneth Hunter, Charles Irwin, Rafaela Ottiano, Edward McNamara, Jameson Thomas, Ian Wolfe.


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