The Dance of Death (1969)


An egocentric artillery captain and his venomous wife engage in savage unremitting battles in their isolated island fortress of the coast of Sweden at the turn of the century. Alice, a former actress who sacrificed her career for secluded military life with Edgar, reveals on the occasion of their 25th wedding anniversary, the veritable hell their marriage has been. Edgar, an aging schizoid who refuses to acknowledge his severe illness, struggles to sustain his ferocity and arrogance with an animal disregard for other people. Sensing that Alice together with her cousin and would-be lover, Kurt, may ally against him , retaliates with vicious force. Alice lures Kurt into the illusion of sharing a passionate assignation and recruits him in a plot to destroy Edgar.

Director: David Giles.
Stars: Laurence Olivier, Geraldine McEwan, Robert Lang, Janina Faye, Malcolm Reynolds, Jeanne Watts, Peter Penry-Jones, Maggie Riley, Carolyn Jones, Frederick Pyne, Barry James, David Ryall.


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  1. Michael
    December 23, 2019

    thanks Jon, one of those films kept avoiding me and thanks to you I have this opportunity

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