Raymie (1960) EPIC UPLOAD #3 | Previously lost film recovered!

Raymie, a nine-year-old boy and an avid fisherman, dreams of catching a legendary giant barracuda know as Old Moe. When he finally accomplishes the feat of landing Old Moe, he has a change of heart and doesn’t want to see the barracuda destroyed.

Director: Frank McDonald.
Stars: David Ladd, Julie Adams, John Agar, Charles Winninger, Richard Arlen, Frank Ferguson, Ray Kellogg, John Damler, Jester Hairston, Vicente Padula, Ida Smeraldo, Christy Lynn, Brent Wolfson, Marianne Gaba, Shirley Garner.


I think this one’s got to be the most epic upload on the site to this day. The original source of this print is a 16mm that a TV station worker found while cleaning up the station’s archive room back in the early 2000s, which he then sent to have it digitally trasferred. This copy specifically was sent to me by a very kind and generous guy over in Australia who managed to get a copy of the digital transfer, this upload wouldn’t have been possible without him, many, many thanks, Mr. R. You can read more about how this film was recovered and why it has never been released on DVD or VHS on his personal blog, here.

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  1. James558
    September 9, 2019

    Great find, Jon! Thanks so much for making it more widely available!

  2. Steves
    September 9, 2019

    I think I remember reading about this rediscovery a year or two ago. Glad to finally see the film. My utmost thanks to you, Jon, and of course to our friend from down under, Mr. R!

  3. Gabrielle
    September 9, 2019

    Wow! What an amazing opportunity you’ve given us! Thank you to you and to the generous Mr. R.!

  4. Sandra
    September 9, 2019

    What a delightful movie! I’m always amazed when a movie about a fish can capture an audience. Thank you, Mr. R, for sharing.

  5. Willy
    September 11, 2019

    Thank you very much. I wonder what David Ladd thinks about the resurfacing of a movie he shot almost a lifetime ago.

  6. September 11, 2019

    Great little gem. Glad it was rescued!

  7. Nathan
    September 13, 2019

    Epic indeed! Thanks for sharing!

  8. David Asselin
    September 15, 2019

    Great film!!! We were lucky to be able to see it!!! I love David Ladd’s work he did other nice family films too like “The Rebel”….!! Fantastic!

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