De l’amour (1964) AKA All About Loving


Hélène, who has just broken up with Raoul, a dentist, lets herself be seduced (though not without great resistance) by the obstinate Serge. Raoul, a modern Don Juan, now focuses on charming Sophie, a pretty patient of his, but is beaten on the finish line by… the young woman’s ex-husband. On the prowl again, Raoul, usually an experienced lover, makes the first flop of his career with Mathilde, too beautiful and too quick-witted of a creature for him…

Director: Jean Aurel. AKA All About Loving
Stars: Anna Karina, Elsa Martinelli, Michel Piccoli, Jean Sorel, Philippe Avron, Joanna Shimkus, Bernard Garnier, Katia Christine, Bernard Nicolas.


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