Banketten (1948) AKA The Banquet


Jacob Cotten is a rich banker, quickly approaching his 60th birthday. He is concerned that none of his sons are willing to or able to be in charge of the bank. One is a spoiled parasite unable to do an honest day’s work, the other has devoted his life to the communist youth club. Meanwhile, his beloved daughter Vica is unable to divorce her masochistic husband and gets herself a lover, a young idealistic medical student.

Director: Hasse Ekman.
Stars: Ernst Eklund, Elsa Carlsson, Sture Lagerwall, Eva Henning, Haase Ekman, Sven Lindberg, Birger Malmsten, Hilda Borgström, Jan Molander, Barbro Flodquist, Ragnar Arvedson, Solveig Lagström.


AKA The Banquet

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One Comment

  1. Eric Wall
    December 21, 2023

    Good old fashioned melodrama with a socialist moral theme.

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