The Persuader (1957)

In one of his rare movie starring assignments, William Talman plays a dual role in The Persuader. Talman is seen as gunslinger Matt Bonham and his twin brother, preacher Mark Bonham. When Mark is killed by outlaw leader Bick Justin, Matt takes his brother’s place in the pulpit, ramming the Fear of God down the throats of the wanton townspeople. Impressed by Bonham’s courage, the townsfolk begin to follow the straight and narrow path.

Director: Dick Ross.
Stars: William Talman, James Craig, Kristine Miller, Darryl Hickman, Georgia Lee, Alvy Moore, Gregory Walcott, Rhoda Williams, Paul Engle, Jason Johnson, Nolan Leary, John Milford, Frank Richards.


Many thanks to John for sending me a copy of this rare western.

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