Seventeen (1940)


Willy Baxter is now 17, which is practically 18, so he prefers “William”. William is supposed to be studying for college entrance exams, but a sophisticated Chicago girl arrives in town. She’s the cat’s meow with her singing, dancing, and big city catchphrases. “But definitely!” William doesn’t have any money and his old jalopy won’t impress anybody. His allowance is already up to $1 and his baby sister won’t lend him any money from her piggy bank. But he needs a new car, and white tie, tails, and top hat so he can take the doll to the swank nightclub he’s been told about. And she won’t go anywhere without that dog of hers…

Director: Louis King.
Stars: Jackie Cooper, Betty Field, Otto Kruger, Ann Shoemaker, Norma Gene Nelson, Betty Moran, Thomas W. Ross, Peter Lind Hayes, Buddy Pepper, Donald Haines, Richard Denning, Paul E. Burns, Hal Clements, Edward Earle, Stanley Price, Joey Ray, Fred ‘Snowflake’ Toones, Hattie Noel.


Note: Many thanks to “lukejay” for sending me a copy of this movie. The sound for the first 20 minutes or so is VERY low, I boosted it a bit but it’s still low, after that it improves, very low audio quality overall but posting it anyway because it’s a very rare film. 

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  1. August 21, 2019

    Thanks Jon,

    It was goofy in that sentimental way but I’ve been searching for it for years! There’s always a sense of accomplishment when you finish off someone’s filmography and this does that for me as far as Betty Field is concerned!! Thanks again.

  2. Jake
    January 17, 2022

    Thanks for posting. I just finished reading the Booth Tarkington book this is based on, really wanted to see if the movie captured any of the magic. Don’t think it did, but the actors for Jane and William were well cast. The car scenes were hilarious, and gave me some big laughs, though there was much more hilarity in the books, especially the struggle between William and Genesis’s mutt

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