Bandido! (1956)


An American arms dealer, Wilson, journeys south of the border during the Mexican Revolution and immediately sparks trouble when he provokes federal troops. His actions impress the revolutionaries, whom he joins forces with, and Wilson convinces his new allies to go after a rival arms dealer named Kennedy. When Wilson falls for Kennedy’s wife, Lisa  and the revolutionaries eventually turn on him, the gunrunner finds himself in the line of fire.

Director: Richard Fleischer.
Stars: Robert Mitchum, Gilbert Roland, Zachary Scott, Ursula Thiess, Rodolfo Acosta, Henry Brandon, Douglas Fowley, Víctor Junco, Alfonso Sánchez Tello, Arturo Manrique, José Ángel Espinosa ‘Ferrusquilla’, Margarito Luna, Miguel Inclán.


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