Movie Crazy (1932)


Due to a clerical error, Harold, a bumbling small-town chap with Hollywood dreams, is invited to a film audition in Los Angeles. His screen test is a disaster, but he’s hired as a film extra. He begins a romance with actress Mary, not recognizing her as the “Spanish Lady,” the heavily-costumed female lead in the movie he’s in. On set, Mary uses her sultry alter ego to toy with Harold, who becomes so flustered that he blunders his way to comic stardom.

Director: Clyde Bruckman & Harold Lloyd (uncredited).
Stars: Harold Lloyd, Constance Cummings, Kenneth Thomson, Louise Closser Hale, Spencer Charters, Robert McWade, Eddie Fetherston, Sydney Jarvis, Harold Goodwin, Mary Doran, DeWitt Jennings, Lucy Beaumont, Arthur Housman.


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  1. Michael
    December 19, 2019

    Many thanks for this one Jon

  2. Ariadaeus
    April 18, 2021

    A film about a lack of situational awareness that had me laughing out loud at times embellished with the lovely Constance Cummings.

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