Jazz Boat (1960)


Electrician Bert Harris boasts that he’s a successful cat burglar, which leads to him getting mixed up with real thieves who need those special skills for a big jewellery heist. However, Bert was only giving them a “song and dance” about being a cat burglar, but now discovers it’s too late to back out.

Director: Ken Hughes.
Stars: Anthony Newley, Anne Aubrey, Bernie Winters, James Booth, Leo McKern, Lionel Jeffries, David Lodge, Al Mulock, Joyce Blair, Jean Philippe, Liam Gaffney, Henry Webb, Ted Heath.


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  1. Michael
    July 10, 2019

    Thanks Jon for this enjoyable rare British film

  2. Tony Williams
    October 26, 2019

    Despite the array of talents – Booth, Jeffries, Lodge, camera operator Nic Roeg, this is a mish-mash and could have been better.

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