Il Cammino della Speranza (1950) AKA The Path of Hope


After the shuttering of a local mine, villagers in a tiny Sicilian town are desperate for work. Widower Saro decides to try his luck in France with his three children. He buys passage abroad from Ciccio, a guide who is to accompany him, his family and several others on their trek. Along for the ride are Barbara, and her boyfriend, Vanni. While the group travels across Italy, perils, as well as new relationships, are unavoidable.

Director: Pietro Germi. AKA The Path of Hope
Stars: Raf Vallone, Elena Varzi, Saro Urzì, Saro Arcidiacono, Franco Navarra, Mirella Ciotti, Liliana Lattanzi, Francesco Tomalillo, Paolo Reale, Giuseppe Priolo, Renato Terra, Carmela Trovato, Angelo Grasso, Assunta Radico, Francesca Russella.

1951 Berlin International Film Festival – Winner of the Silver Bear for Best Drama.
1951 Cannes Film Festival – Nominated for the Grand Prize of the Festival.


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    Great stuff, Jon! Awesome work!

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