Los últimos de Filipinas (1945)


During the time of the Spanish-American War, the commandant of a Spanish detachment in Baler, in the Philippines, realizes that the native people of his district are planning an insurrection. He orders his troops to entrench in the village church. During their stay, which is prolonged for nearly a year, there are several incidents which show the tenacity and heroism of the Spanish.

Director: Antonio Román.
Stars: Armando Calvo, José Nieto, Guillermo Marín, Fernando Rey, Carlos Muñoz, Nani Fernández, Manuel Kayser, Juan Calvo, José Miguel Rupert, Manuel Arbó, César Guzmán, Adriano Dominguez, Alfonso de Horna, Pablo Álvarez Rubio, Tony Leblanc, Conrado San Martín.


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