L’hypothèse du tableau volé (1978) AKA The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting

Two narrators, one seen and one unseen, discuss possible connections between a series of paintings. The on-screen narrator walks through three-dimensional reproductions of each painting, featuring real people, sometimes moving, in an effort to explain the series’ significance.

Director: Raoul Ruiz.
Stars: Jean Rougeul, Chantal Paley, Jean Raynaud, Daniel Grimm, Isidro Romero, Bernard Daillencourt, Jean-Damien Thiollier, Alix Comte, Christian Broutin, Guy Bonnafoux, Tony Rödel, Pascal Lambertini, Jean Narboni, Nadège Clair, Jean Reno, Vincent Skimenti, Anne Desbois, Stéphane Shandor. AKA The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting


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  1. Renny
    June 12, 2019

    Very much appreciated, Jon! Thank you!

  2. Michael
    September 26, 2019

    Many thanks for this one Jon

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