Il birichino di papà (1943)


Nicoletta is a young rebel, cherished by his forgiving father, until an old relative joins the family after the wedding of her sister, and insists that the impetuous girl is sent to college. Nicoletta becomes a true tornado for educators trying in vain to bring her under control.

Director: Raffaello Matarazzo.
Stars: Armando Falconi, Chiaretta Gelli, Anna Proclemer, Dina Galli, Amelia Chellini, Carlo Campanini, Franco Scandurra, Nicoletta Parodi, Giuseppe Pierozzi, Paola Borboni, Armandina Bianchi, Gorella Gori, Enrico Luzi, Giulio Alfieri, Lina Bacci.


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  1. Michael
    November 3, 2019

    this is rare. Delightful, Thanks Jon

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