Vendémiaire (1918)


September 1918. The First World War comes to an end but nobody knows it yet. Among the grape harvesters working on the Castelviel estate in the south of France are several refugees from the North, who were driven from their homes by the war. They are Father Larcher and his two daughters, Martha and Mary. There is also Pierre Bertin, a soldier on convalescent leave. And two escaped German prisoners, Wilfried and Fritz, who pretend to be Belgian and threaten the tranquility of this already well-endowed family.

Director: Louis Feuillade.
Stars: René Cresté, Édouard Mathé, Louis Leubas, Mary Harald, Lugane, Fabiola, Adeline de La Croix, Manuel Caméré, Georges Biscot, Jeanne Rollette.


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  1. Patrick Trimble
    October 15, 2021

    Enjoyable silent film concerning the end of World War I and its affect on a loose group of the migrant pickers called in to make the new wine. Episodic and continually shift in time and place, Feuillade uses a lot of clever set-ups & clear details. It is a remarkable clean print & quite moving by its ending. Thanks Jon.

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