Lena and the Geese (1912)


A first-born baby girl, is sent away and placed in the care of Gretchen, a trusted peasant woman, who is the widowed mother of a child about the same age. The two children grow up as sisters. Later, upon her deathbed, the noble lady repents and sends for her child to reinstate her. Gretchen takes this opportunity to make a great lady of her own daughter Lena, the goose girl, by sending her to court instead of the real heiress. Hence Lena is taken before the noble lady as she breathes her last, happy in the belief that she has made reparation. Lena is now a great lady, but the title does not fit well. She longs to be back with Gretchen and her “geeses”.

Director: D.W. Griffith.
Stars: Mary Pickford, J. Jiquel Lanoe, Kate Bruce, Mae Marsh, Edwin August, Claire McDowell, W. Chrystie Miller.


Note: Many thanks to Scott for sending me a copy of this movie, which has the correct framerate, the print on Youtube of this movie plays at wrong speed (too slow), that’s why the duration is longer, this one has the correct framerate which resembles more to the original shooting speed and duration of the film.

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  1. Patrick Trimble
    October 12, 2021

    A very rare D. W. Griffth is always worth viewing & this Mary Pickford short is straight forward & as charming as most of his films. Made more in the style of the early American cinema’s tableaux style of presentation, it is a perfect example of the short film Griffith work did. Thanks to Scott & Jon for getting this exceptional quality print on line.

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