Koritsia ston ilio (1968) AKA Girls in the Sun

A young English tourist called Annabel meets a Greek shepherd during her vacation on a Greek Island. On their first encounter in a field, the shepherd approaches Annabel wanting to give her some almonds but scared of his rustic and rough appearance she misunderstands his intentions and runs away. Soon, he is found in prison accused of the supposed rape of Annabel. She regrets overreacting and tries to persuade the authorities to release him.

Director: Vasilis Georgiadis.
Stars: Giannis Voglis, Anne Lonnberg, Kostas Bakas, Miranta Myrat, Vangelis Kazan, Elpida Braoudaki, Vagelis Sakainas. AKA Girls in the Sun

1970 Golden Globes – Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film.



  1. Steves
    May 19, 2019

    Marvelous, Jon! You keep amazing me with these films!

  2. JW
    June 3, 2019

    Hope your family issues are not too serious and that everything works out for the best, Jon. Take care!

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