Hollywood Round-Up (1937)


This drama offers a fascinating backstage look at the making of westerns. The story centers around a stunt double working for an egotistical, emotionally fragile cowboy star. When the stunt man sets his romantic sights on the leading lady, the leading man gets huffy and unsuccessfully attempts to frame him. Real trouble ensues when the fall guy finds himself in the midst of a real bank robbery and finds himself accused of being the thief.

Director: Ewing Scott.
Writers: Joseph Hoffman & Monroe Shaff (original story and screenplay), Ethel La Blanche (dialogue).
Stars: Buck Jones, Helen Twelvetrees, Grant Withers, Shemp Howard, Dickie Jones, Eddie Kane, Monte Collins, Warren Jackson, Lester Dorr, Lee Shumway, Edward Keane, George Beranger.


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  1. Angelee
    April 5, 2024

    I’ve always found Buck at his best when playing to type. Movies like this make it hard to separate the art from the artist because he just seemed like a salt of the earth guy on screen and off. Great upload, thank you

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