Am Rande der Welt (1927) AKA At the Edge of the World


At the border of an imaginary country, a miller lives in peace with his family. But evil lurks in the form of a new assistant who is a spy of the enemy country and who, led by an officer disguised as a peddler, is to prepare the foreign troops’ attack. But in the meantime he falls in love with the miller’s daughter, who however doesn’t like his advances. When the war breaks out, the mill gets occupied by foreign troops; however, the miller’s daughter falls in love with one of the enemy soldiers…

Director: Karl Grune.
Stars: Albert Steinrück, William Dieterle, Imre Ráday, Brigitte Helm, Victor Janson, Jean Bradin, Max Schreck, Camilla von Hollay, Erwin Faber. AKA At the Edge of the World


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  1. Michael
    May 15, 2019

    this is a great find Jon. 1001 thanks

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