While Paris Sleeps (1932)


Jacques Costaud, a French war veteran is sentenced to life in prison for killing a man but soon escapes from a penal colony in French Guyana. He then flees to Paris to find his daughter Manon, who believes him dead. Now he must try to keep her from being abducted into a life of prostitution and keeping his true identity a secret.

Director: Allan Dwan.
Stars: Victor McLaglen, Helen Mack, William Bakewell, Jack La Rue, Rita La Roy, Maurice Black, Dot Farley, Lucille La Verne, Paul Porcasi, Edward Dillon.


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  1. Allan
    May 2, 2019

    If you excuse a few improbable twists in the plot the film has some frank pre-code events that make it interesting including gang of pimps who sell girls into white slavery in South America, and for anyone who crosses them the baker’s oven. Paris might sleep but I maintained my interest until the fiery conclusion of the film.

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