Sweetwater: A True Rock Story (1999)


In 1969, the band Sweetwater led by lead vocalist Nansi Nevins opened Woodstock and subsequently got considerable media attention, appearing on a number of TV shows. But just as they appeared to be getting a really break big, they just disappeared. Thirty years later, a cable TV reporter for MIX TV, a musical station, is removed from her show because of being stoned on air. Her station gives her a choice of being dismissed or investigating what happened to Sweetwater. A blending of modern day fiction and past fact is then blended in this biographical story.

Director: Lorraine Senna.
Stars: Amy Jo Johnson, Kelli Williams, Kurt Max Runte, Robert Moloney, Nancy Moonves, Michael Anthony Rawlins, Adam Ant, Michelle Phillips, Frederic Forrest, Trevor Roberts, Peter Williams, Zak Santiago, John Burgess-Murray, Mark Murphy, Ingrid Tesch.


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