Be back soon...

Thanks a lot to the copyright police for absolutely ruining the site for everyone, great job guys, great fucking job. So, what happened? Basically someone who doesn't have anything better to do reported all the movies I uploaded on my channel on okru, which I was using to provide films on streaming here on the site, that's over 2000 films reported and all "blocked at the copyright owner's request". RIGHT. That means what, over 800 copyright holders sent an email requesting each of their films to be taken down from the platform on the SAME DAY AND AT THE SAME TIME?! Oh wow, that's some pretty fucking impressive synchronization. No, this is simply the work of some miserable trolls who've been making my life hell since I started with this project back in 2014, they're back at it again in full force it seems, I wish they'd spend all this time and effort in doing something productive, you know, maybe that way they'd get to be someone in life one day and not just a waste of fucking space. Anyway, rarefilmm will be offline for a while as I think on a workaround to get the site back online with all the features and still free for everyone, the latter might not be a viable option anymore but I will do everything I can to keep it free because it's always been like that and because I know that, now more than ever, we are living in very difficult times. I don't know how long this is going to take this but it could be a while, I'm going to use this to take a little break, clear my mind and plan what's ahead from now on, I'm going to see this as just another obstacle on the way to success, and guess what? I'm going to overcome it, AGAIN, as I've done several times in the past. rarefilmm will be back soon, there's probably going to be some changes but the essence will be the same. For further updates check out my Twitter, I'm posting almost daily there with details about this whole process and an estimate re-opening date will be posted there as well. if you have any suggestions or anything you'd like to discuss you can contact me via email at jon@rarefilmm.com.
Thanks you once again for all the support, see you guys soon.
Take care and stay safe out there,

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