Les morfalous (1984) AKA The Vultures


April 5, 1943: a battalion of the Foreign Legion arrives in El Ksour, Tunisia, to escort a fortune in gold bars to the home front. A German ambush awaits, and all but four die. Thanks to the street smarts of Sergeant Augagneur, the Legionnaires successfully counter attack. The bank manager and his seductive wife arrive, and so does a German lieutenant, whom the French arrest. Augagneur wants to steal the gold; warrant officer Mahuzard wants to do his duty. A series of alliances form and break apart, the group dwindles in number, and the gold heads south toward Betahoua. But in whose possession?

Director: Henri Verneuil.
Stars: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jacques Villeret, Michel Constantin, Michel Creton, Matthias Habich, François Perrot, Gérard Buhr, Robert Lombard, Pierre Semmler, Caroline Silhol, Marie Laforêt. AKA The Vultures


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  1. Bill Shepherd
    October 12, 2021

    This movie is crazy good. Well done Frenchmen.

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