Strangers in the City (1962)


A father loses his job, which puts his family in a crisis situation. So the son goes out to find work as a delivery boy and the daughter eventually lapses into prostitution. Trouble brews when the son confronts a local gang leader whom he believes has misused his sister, and the mother similarly tracks down a bully for more or less the same reason.

Director: Rick Carrier.
Stars: Robert Gentile, Camilo Delgado, Rosita De Triano, Greta Margos, Robert Corso, Bob O’Connell, John Roeburt, Ruth Kuzab, Kenny Delmar.


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  1. June 10, 2023

    Andres Santiago in the movie is my father . I was just talking to him and he told her was in a movie. I looked it up and sure enough omg there he was. He told me he has never watched the movie . I took some screenshots and sent them to him. . believe it or not he still lives in the same building on 102 street. It was amazing to see him in the movie .. thank you.

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