Dick Turpin (1925)


Dick Turpin, a British highwayman, steals from the rich and passes the wealth along to the poor. But, after robbing the evil Lord Churlton, Dick learns that Churlton will soon marry Lady Alice Brookfield, a good-hearted woman who finds Churlton repulsive. In order to escape, Alice disguises herself a boy and travels with Dick to London. Dick is captured by the police and sentenced to hang, but he just might have one last escape left in him.

Director: John G. Blystone (as J.G. Blystone).
Stars: Tom Mix, Alan Hale, Kathleen Myers, Philo McCullough, Lucille Hutton, James A. Marcus, Bull Montana, Jack Herrick, Tony the Horse.


Many thanks to Steve for sending me a copy of this movie.

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