Tôkaidô Yotsuya kaidan (1959) AKA The Ghost of Yotsuya

Impecunious samurai Iemon and his conniving servant Naosuke commit multiple murders to secure the affections of two sisters, Iwa and Sode. Iemon soon tires of Iwa, and given the opportunity to marry a wealthy man’s daughter, he removes the inconvenience of an existing wife by poisoning her and slashing to death the masseur he’d bribed to seduce her. The two bodies are nailed to opposite sides of a shutter and sunk in a pool. Both victims’ disfigured ghosts return to haunt the two murderers, leading them to further crimes and, ultimately, retribution.

Director: Nobuo Nakagawa.
Stars: Shigeru Amachi, Noriko Kitazawa, Katsuko Wakasugi, Shuntarô Emi, Ryûzaburô Nakamura, Junko Ikeuchi, Jun Ôtomo, Hiroshi Hayashi, Shinjirô Asano, Arata Shibata, Kikuko Hanaoka, Hiroshi Sugi, Yôzô Takamura. AKA The Ghost of Yotsuya / Ghost Story of Yotsuya



  1. JW
    February 7, 2019

    Excellent, Jon!

  2. Michael
    April 17, 2019

    love these Japanese ghost stories

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