They Live in Fear (1944)


After witnessing the killing of a professor in concentration camp “Dachau” German student Paul emigrates to the USA. Here an American fellow student endangers Paul’s new American existence and his family’s which stayed in Germany.

Director: Josef Berne.
Stars: Otto Kruger, Clifford Severn, Pat Parrish, Jimmy Carpenter, Ervin Kalser.


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  1. Allan
    February 16, 2019

    Worth watching for its wartime homefront spirit . A more interesting film on the same theme is Tomorrow the World with Skip Homeier reprising his Broadway role and the ever dependable Frederick March and Betty Field. This film is nowhere near as good although it has its moments. Clifford Severn as the German refugee student was also the drummer boy in Captain Caution when he was younger and played with his natural British accent.

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