Street of Sinners (1957)


Rookie New York cop has to deal with juvenile delinquents, his superiors, and blame for the suicide of a woman who jumped to her death while he was in her apartment.

Director: William Berke.
Stars: George Montgomery, Geraldine Brooks, Nehemiah Persoff, Marilee Earle, William Harrigan, Stephen Joyce, Cliffrord David, Diana Millay, Andra Martin (as Sandra Rehn), Danny Dennis, Ted Erwin, Melvin Decker, Lou Gilbert, Barry McGuire, Elia Clark.


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  1. Allan
    February 25, 2019

    This film has the feel of television dramas found in 50’s television plays. Not much in the way of nuanced acting and the NYC location shots are mostly people crossing streets or driving away on what looks like upper 5th avenue. George Montgomery plays a NYC policeman ( from Montana ) who cleans up the street . Worth watching -police work in this film would keep the ACLU busy for years.

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