Red Snow (1952)


Lieutenant Johnson, a U. S. Air Force pilot, on the tip of Alaska, a few miles from the Bering Straits from Siberia, helps foil a Soviet plot to test a new secret weapon by loyal Alaskan Eskimos. He is aided by Sergeant Koovuk, an Alsaka native Eskimo also in the U.S. military service. Along the way there is an ice-floe evacuation, an air-ice rescue and a fight with a polar bear.

Director: Harry S. Franklin & Boris Petroff (as Boris L. Petroff).
Stars: Guy Madison, Mala, Carole Mathews, Gloria Saunders, Lee Frederick, John Bryant, Richard Vath, Philip Ahn, Tony Benroy, Gordon Barnes, John Bleifer, Gene Roth, Muriel Maddox, Robert Bice, Renny McEvoy, Bert Arnold, Richard Emory.


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  1. George Kolter
    February 22, 2019

    another rare movie been looking for haven’t seen this one in an long time thanks for the upload.

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